What we do

The RTK provides business analytics for both the private and public sector.

Our team of experts works with both local, national and international organizations. We use our specialist sector knowledge to deliver the right decision support to the right people at the right time.

We support clients in creating value by using their data to ensure economy, greater efficiency and improved effectiveness. We help service commissioners to get value for money, and the best quality service for their customers.

Our specialists take an analytical perspective on performance data, helping organizations to get the greatest value from what we see as a key strategic asset.

We use local data to inform key business objectives; deliver effective, robust measurement and evaluation; and ensure commissioners understand what works and what is cost effective.
Typically we will help clients through four key processes:

  1. Getting a clear picture of how their services work to deliver change for end users;
  2. Selecting and measuring the right key performance indicators;
  3. Using performance data to measure the impact services have on users;
  4. Comparing the costs and effects of a service to assess the extent to which it can be regarded as providing value for money (i.e. is cost-effective).

You can see a video of Dr Tony Munton explaining the process here:

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